What is the Importance of a product reviews app for Shopify store?

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There was a time when creating a website meant digging into the basics and learning advanced features. The hassle of going through coding functionalities demanded specialties and a skill level that is hard to find. Thanks to the advent of technologies, creating websites, especially eCommerce, have become a sinecure. With the introduction of Shopify - a popular eCommerce platform, things have never been more feasible.

If you are trying to get your new website up and running, you surely need the aid of the Shopify product reviews app.

Bright Product Reviews APP for Shopify

Let’s learn why and how

Boost sales and revenue

A Shopify reviews app can help you in showcasing your best review almost anywhere. This means that you can put your best reviews on Homepage, collection pages, dedicated reviews page, etc. This will help customers realize that you have more products in stock that are evolved by everyone. Also, your customers can take photos & videos of the products & put them on your website.

Collect reviews from everywhere

When you try to collect reviews from your Shopify store, you need to remember that you have other databases also. This is reminded by the product reviews app as it gives you the opportunity to reviews site ratings, reviews, and photos from other platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc. You can easily import the product reviews from these sites by just entering the product URL.

Ease of use and install

The best Shopify reviews app will install in one go. The app will act as a light widget that will be installed and ready to use in a few simple steps. You can set up your account and decide to showcase your reviews with ease. Other features like filters, date wise sorting, average customer reviews, etc. will be readily available to use.


One of the most modern features of a product review app is the automation of procedures. When your product comes in good books of the customers, it might be difficult to send an email to every customer, asking them to review it. This is made easy and simple by the app. The automation will send a polite email to every customer who has purchased the product.

In addition to the website appearance

When we talk about displaying millions of reviews on a website, we might picture a never-ending thesis type page that includes custom content. However, this is not the case if you use the best product reviews app for Shopify. The way your reviews are organized in a beautiful layout increases the overall appeal of your web page. The reviews will be displayed artistically, in slide shows, in tabs, as small lists, as thumbnails, or any other attractive way. This doesn’t make a burden to the website and contrary to this, they act as a beautiful element of the portal, like it was meant to be there.

Features galore

A product review app will not just perform the function of displaying review, but will also give you other ways to customize your website. Such apps have plenty of features that make the review setting experience a good one. Here are some of the common features of product review app:

  • Collect review, ratings, and photos from customers
  • Organizing options for reviews as per the category or sorting functionality
  • Help in increasing conversation by showcasing real customer content onsite
  • Ability to share your best reviews on social media platforms as well as other third-party sites
  • Automatic requests email to customers which helps in collecting more reviews
  • Empowering moderation tools and dashboards including features like share reviews, publish reviews, schedule reviews, automated comments, negative reviews flagging, review sharing on Facebook or Twitter, etc
  • Boost brand discovery by spreading the word about the product and the company through a review
  • Building and increasing the brand community
  • Help with analytics and customer feedback, which further assists in making better business decisions


So there you have it, few words that will make you realize the importance of a product reviews app for Shopify. If you believe in the power of Shopify, then you surely need to consider getting a good product review app to make your website run for the money.

Bright Product Reviews APP for Shopify

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