Customize Discount Coupons

Bright Product Reviews offers the option of giving customers a discount coupon for submitting the reviews.

1. Go to the 'Customizations' menu.

2. Select "Discount".

Type Of Discount

Choose Fixed or Percentage Discount coupons. Select No Discount to disable the discounts.


Enter the Fixed or Percentage Amount.

Offer Discount For Reviews From

You may offer the discount to all reviewers who submitted the reviews on your Website & through Review Requests or only for Review Requests customers.

Offer Discount To Customers

You may offer the discount to each Review or only those who Upload a Photo/Video.


Select the Discount Code.

  • Auto-Generate A Unique, Non-Reusable, Code For Each Review: APP will automatically generate a unique, non-reusable code for each review, based on the inputs.
  • Single Code For All Customers: Create the discount code in your shopify store & enter the code here. Learn to create the discount code.

Note: Some of the customizations may not available in your current plan. Please upgrade the plan to take advantage of full customizations.